Single Malt Scotch Reviews

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GlenDronach 15 Revival

GlenDronach is malt which was only recently made available to Canadian whisky fans. The Revival edition has been matured for 15 years in Oloroso sherry casks.   Nose: Nutty, spicy with some vanilla toffee. Mouth: Nutty, spicy, followed by some toffee and dark chocolate notes. Finish: Medium long with a touch of cherries.   This can be quite a sweet malt, but it is delicious. If you are a fan of heavy sherry, this may be a bit light for your taste, but overall it is a rather good malt. Comments are...

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Glenmorangie Lasanta

After its initial maturation period of at least ten years in ex-bourbon casks, Lasanta spends an extra period in ex-sherry casks. Lasanta means warmth and passion in Gaelic.   Nose: Very light, sweet honey and caramel. Mouth: Warm honey, toffee, burnt sugar and walnuts. Finish: Long with ginger, cocoa and hits of dried oranges.   This is a rather particular malt, with many light and fruity notes. I would have expected a slightly more complex whisky from the other extra matured Glenmorangies, but it remains a very nice malt. I got hold of this bottle at a good discount through a duty free sale, though I’m not sure if I would pick it up at full price. Comments are...

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Glenmorangie Original

The Original is called the backbone of the Glenmorangie range by the distillery. Some have called it ‘the perfect 10’.   Nose: Citrus and vanilla. Mouth: Creamy vanilla, sweet fruit. Finish: Sweet, floral with a hint of smoke.   A rather light whisky, The Glenmorangie Original is a good choice for beginners. Personally, I found it a bit dull, and rather overpriced for a 10. Comments are...

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Highland Park 15

Highland Park 15 is a fairly recent malt, released in 2003.   Nose: Sweet honey, peaty smoke. Mouth: Rich, from sweet to smoky. Finish: Long lasting, heather and smoke.   A decently balanced malt, perhaps a bit sweet for a 15. Pricing is a bit high as it battles with some 18’s. A bit harsh for beginners, adding water would be recommended. Comments are...

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Glengoyne 12 Cask Strength

The Glengoyne 12 Cask Strength gets its name from being bottled at cask strength of 57,2%.   Nose: Light, apples and apricots. Mouth: Spicy with hints of sweet apples. Finish: Very long lasting, dry and fruity.   Not a whisky for beginners, this cask strength malt does have quite a bit of rich flavour, and a finish that will last for some time. Adding some water makes it a bit easier to take in, but loses a bit of complexity. Worth a try. Comments are...

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Glenmorangie The Quinta Ruban

The Quinta Ruban is a very particular malt that is first aged in bourbon casks followed by port pipes from the Quintas of Portugal.   Nose: Dark mint chocolate, oranges and walnut. Mouth: Mint chocolate and walnut. Finish: Long lasting smooth dark chocolate taste.   For me, this is the dessert of scotches; a well balanced, complex malt combined with a taste of dark mint chocolate. It is a bit on the expensive side for a 12, but it is worth it. Comments are...

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